Fundraising Services

Fundraising services include design and implementation of yearly fundraising plans tailored to your organization.  This will allow your organization to effectively implement a yearly plan to meet the income budget projections.

Capital Campaign services will help the organization in need implement a capital campaign to reach the goal while keeping the yearly (operating) fundraising plan active.

Special Events services will help the organization with its event from start to finish.  Special events can be a great way to not only raise a lot of money for the organization but also to raise awareness and gain new friends or members.

Securing Business Support services will assist the organization in attracting and keeping business supporters for the many events, programs, and offerings of the nonprofit organization.

Grant writing services include research, grant writing, and assisting in final grant reporting.

Marketing Services

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of nonprofit management is the marketing plan.  This aspect is usually the first line item to be cut within a nonprofit budget, when cuts are needed.  The services we offer include options on free marketing tools available to nonprofits, including new tools, also known as Social Media.


Board Development services include the following hands-on training workshops:

·         Legal and fiscal responsibilities.
·         How to read nonprofit financials.
·         Basic roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors.
Staff Development services include the following hands-on training workshops:
·         Executive director’s roles and responsibilities.
·         Policy and procedure reviews.
·         Designing and implementing operation manuals.
·         Setting up financials.
·         Succession planning.

Miscellaneous Services

·         Business planning.
·         Strategic plans.
·         Quickbooks consulting.
·         Database consulting.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific need at the email address or phone listed below.