About Us

OnFire Nonprofit Consulting brings thirteen years’ for-profit experience and thirteen years’ nonprofit experience to the table.  We offer a variety of services tailored to meet your needs.

Melissa Metcalf Le Roy, a graduate in Entrepreneurship of Western Carolina University and a graduate in Nonprofit Management of Duke University teaches non-profit management classes throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia for Duke University. She is a past board member of the North Carolina Center for Non-Profits.  For four years she contributed a regular “Non-Profit Leadership” column for the Tryon Daily Bulletin, and currently offers her services as a consultant through her own firm, OnFire Nonprofit Consulting. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific need at the email address or phone listed below.


What clients say about OnFire Nonprofit
I started working with Melissa this Spring to conduct some fundraising training for our coalition.  Fundraising is a topic few enjoy discussing, and most people run from participating in.  Melissa actually opened our eyes to ways in which we could view fundraising as fun, as well as great PR.  I had never thought of that aspect of fundraising, nor had the coalition members viewed fundraising as a PR opportunity.  If you are looking at fundraising as a board topic, I can share that Melissa will have many ideas for you to consider and strategies to help.  Even if you are not including this as a board retreat topic, I will share that Melissa is energetic, quick and lively.  She certainly knows how to engage people!  That is always helpful for facilitation of board retreats. 

I recommend meeting with her in person, or at least having a thorough phone discussion of your retreat goals.  She is very good at adapting to the needs of the organization.  We had wanted to do a 4 to 6 hour facilitation, but unfortunately could only do 3 hours.  It went by so fast, leaving people wanting more, which is always a great sign!  We found Melissa to be extremely knowledgeable, fun and overall a wonderful facilitator. 

Gayane Chambless
Orange Partnership for Alcohol & Drug Free Youth, Coordinator